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Finding Your Fit

After more than two decades of providing financial advice and investment management services to a select group of successful individuals, families and corporations, Brian Danelian chose to establish Domari Wealth Management in 2012. Located in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles, California, Domari Wealth Management is a comprehensive wealth management company designed to offer an array of services including, investment management, retirement planning, estate planning and liability management.

Client Centered

Our mission is to provide our clients with independent, objective financial advice, and our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of financial services to help manage the many complexities of their financial, business and personal lives. We are able to provide our clients access to the same investment tools and products found in a large firm, but are able to deliver them with the kind of personal care and attention which is unique to a smaller firm. This freedom and flexibility allows us to provide our clients with the advice and solutions that are best suited for their unique needs, not the needs of the firm.

The entire team at Domari Wealth Management is committed to putting the interests of the clients first and foremost, even above our own interests. This is what we call a “fiduciary commitment” meaning that we are always focused on delivering the advice that is best for the client at all times.

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