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Portfolio Plus

Portfolio Plus is our low cost, long term investment strategy which combines the benefits of passive investing with active managers that utilize strategies difficult, if not impossible to replicate in a passive investing model.

It is our deepest belief that markets present opportunities for profit not just when they set new highs but whenever they move. Sadly, most investors position themselves to profit only when their investments set new highs. Since a stock spends most of its time either moving down or trading at prices at which it has previously traded, we scour the universe of active managers who are successfully running strategies that regularly outperform when the market is either consolidating or trading in a range bound manner.

These investments are not easy to find:

  • These are generally managers not affiliated with the larger investment houses and therefore do not have the resources to make themselves a household name.
  • They tend to close their investments to new investors before the amount of assets increases to a point where executing their strategy becomes difficult to impossible due to the size of the assets held in the investment.

The success of the model can be largely attributed to its “Invest with Simplicity” approach which simplifies investing by limiting investment choices to a stock or equity position and a bond or fixed income position. We believe simplicity is good where possible but simplicity can be a detriment if effectiveness must be compromised to achieve simplicity. Skydiving is much simpler if you leave the parachute in the plane but it is hardly effective. In the same way, responsible investing needs to capture returns more frequently than when the market is hitting new highs.

Minimum investment $25,000.

We believe incorporating active managers utilizing strategies meant to provide returns from market movement rather than new market highs, Portfolio Plus seeks to outperform traditional buy-and-hold strategies by capturing opportunity lost to passive or index strategies.

*Past performance does not guarantee future results

*All investments involve varying levels and types of risks. These risks can be associated with the specific investment, or with the marketplace as a whole. Loss of principal is possible.